Thursday, April 20, 2006

One more day by God's grace

As you can see, we were able to hold both girls together today for the first time!

It is looking more like Alysa will definitely be coming home either Saturday or Sunday. While this is obviously great, it will make getting to the hospital to be with Olivia a little more challenging. To our knowledge, she is not able to go into the NICU (baby Intensive Care) where Olivia is. This will mean leaving her home (which Mommy is not ready to do) or one of us or someone keeping her in the waiting room. Please pray that this will all work out well.

Olivia, to us, looked better today, though the doctors say that there is no improvement. Her biggest thing right now is to gain enough weight to have the surgery for her feeding tube. She is currently @ around 1600 grams and needs to get to about 1800 or so.

Sitting with Olivia is hard on the emotions for us. Many times it is like the "lights are on, but nobody is home." She has to have her mouth and throat suctioned out every hour or so, and it is not the most pleasant thing to watch. This is also a item for prayer as for her to come home, we have to learn to do this.

As many have asked, Tyler is handling this all in stride. He gets to stay home at our house with Amy's Grandmother so he is able to stay on his routines. He has yet to meet his sisters, so we'll have to see how he responds to having a little less attention.

Thank you all for the comments and encouragement. Sorry for the confusion in the process of posting them. I think we have it fixed now.

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julie said...

Thanks for keeping this blog. It certainly makes praying more meaningful / personal when I have a picture in my head as to who I am praying for. Knowing your needs is helpful also. Although GOD certainly knows every need -- even before we do. HE is faithful.
I have shared the blog site with some praying friends. I know Phyllis is giving your needs to her Mom's church prayer group as well. Your family has many prayers being lifted up. I know they are coming from NJ, Maine, NY,and Va so far. GOD Bless!
<>< Julie