Saturday, April 22, 2006

Small Answers

It looks like Alysa will be coming home with us tomorrow. The only thing that would stop that is that she is still a little jaundice. They were going to check her levels tonight so we will have to see. She has been doing an excellent job at eating. She’s taking well over the minimum that she needs.

When Alysa comes home, we have to be very careful what she get exposed to, as for her to get sick could be very serious for her as with all premature babies. Obviously this will be even more magnified with Olivia where something as simple as a cold is life-threatening for her. Though we love to show off our girls, we have to limit their exposure as well as keep ourselves and Tyler as healthy as possible.

When we got there this morning, they told us that Olivia had been having a number of apnea spells (where she forgets to breath). All babies do their breathing through their nose. The doctors speculate that her problem this morning is that her feeding tube is filling one of her nostrils, and her other was clogged with “crusty stuff”. They cleared that out, but still had to put her back on the oxygen at low levels. She has done better since.

On Monday, they had told us that her chest x-ray showed some haziness in her lungs. Because of the spells this morning, they did another x-ray and “we have no idea why” (nurse’s quote) but her lungs seem to be better than they were. Praise God for answering prayer! Also, her blood work came back showing no sign of infection.

The blood work did, however, show that her red cell count is low. This is due to the amount of blood they have had to draw due to her being so sick. They may have to give her a blood transfusion in the next couple of days. Brian is having his blood tested to see if it can be used. The blood types are compatible, but some people unknowingly carry a virus that can’t be in the blood going to her. It is possible that it will take to long for his blood to be approved so that it can be used, so please pray that she either doesn’t need it or that it can be approved to be used in time.

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