Sunday, April 30, 2006

Specific Request

Today Olivia had a good day. At least until we got there. She had a nurse who had not had her for a while. In the past when she had taken care of Olivia, she had not cried or gagged. Today she cried a fair amount and has "intermittent gag reflex" according to her chart. The doctor also said that this morning she was able to get her to do a little bit of sucking. The nurse said that she had not had any of the spells today that she had yesterday, but while we were there she had one.

The gagging and sucking are very important little steps, but we are asking God for a specific request. She needs to handle her secretions and protect her airway. This is what is causing her spells. Please pray that she will conquer this hurdle.


Anonymous said...

Heard your story from Grandma this week. You have prayers coming from PA. With two little ones of my own, my heart goes out to you!
Naomi (Kinney) Frank

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian & Amy~I just logged onto your blog. What a good way of being updated so we can know just how to pray for you and your family. God is so good. Some of the things you said were little encouragements. You are in our hearts and prayers. Stay close to your Lord and to each other.
Love to you all

carolyn said...

Hi Amy and Brian. We heard from Marion on Sunday that a feeding tube will be placed on Tuesday. We are praying for you both and the little one. keep us updated as to the help we can be along with our prayers. We love you both and thank God the precious life He has given to you. The song " the God of the mountain is stillo God in the valley, the God of the good times is still God in the bad." We thank God for your testimony. caroly