Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We are going to attempt to use this as an easier way to publish what is going on in our lives, and more specifically what is happening with our little girls (Alysa-left & Olivia-right). This will make it easier for everyone to hear things straight from us, rather than secondhand.

Over time we will go back and update everyone more on how we got to this point, but for tonight we will just cover what is going on right now.

Alysa is doing amazing! They have removed her feeding tube as she has been really doing well taking her feedings by bottle and nursing. She is maintaining her own body temperature and overall is making good progress toward coming home.

Olivia still needs a miracle. The damage to her brain is keeping her from clearing the secretions in her throat. Now they are starting to settle in her lungs and are beginning to give her pneumonia. This is potentially life-threatening for her. The doctors feel that with treatment they will be able to help her fight it, but that it likely could be an ongoing problem for her. Each time she gets sick, the treatment likely would involve putting her back on life support for her breathing.

The doctors are working with us to get her home as soon as possible so as to get our life back to "normal". This "normal" will be much different than before. We will have to learn to take care of her. This also means that before she can come she will need to have and recover from an operation to have a feeding tube inserted.

The difficult part of all of this is that in spite of everything, there is no guarantee that she will live. It is almost certain that barring a miracle, she will have very limiting disabilities. The point may come in fighting the pneumonia where we have to decide to let her (and God) fight it without intervention.

While not an easy decision to make, we want to do what is best for her, and not be selfish ourselves. We covet your prayers for wisdom and most importantly for a miracle for Olivia. We serve a mighty and great God who can make her completely healthy if that is His will.

Thank you for your time. We will try to update this nightly when there is time.


Anonymous said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your babies. Please reach out for me for anything. Peter

julie said...

Hello Brian and Amy,
My name is Julie. I am an e-mail friend / prayer partner of Pat Ramsdell. Marien's friend. Amy has been in my prayers since she went on bed rest before the twins arrived.
This will be a great way to stay updated on the babies' progress.
Keep the faith and God Bless you all.
<>< Julie

Anonymous said...

amy its cindy they are beautiful i pray they will both be in good health soon after they come home russ and i will come to visit

Anonymous said...

Amy--my prayers are with you and your little ones.I pray God will help you make the right decisions for Olyvia.They are adorable.You probably don't remember me.I'm David Barker's mother.I go to the same church as you grandmother.She is a sweetheart !!
Wishing you well,
Judy Hanscom

Mr. & Mrs. Pluth said...

Hi Brian, This is one of your former grade school teachers. We are praying for both of your new little daughters. May the Lord guide you in difficult decisions and perhaps choose to give Olivia a miracle. We pray for you and your family to adjust for the needed care at home. May God's grace carry you through. Thanks for the updates, will keep watching your site.

Mr. & Mrs. Pluth

Jared said...

Brian & Amy,
You both know that you and the babies and Tyler are in my prayers every day. You are both a great testimony, and I consider it a blessing to call you friends. Keep Smiling. Keep Looking up. PLEASE, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.