Tuesday, May 30, 2006

All is well

No more nasal feeding tube or tape on my face!

The surgeon told us that things went better than "good" and he was very satisfied with the procedure. They were able to do it the least invasive way. From here we have been told to expect her to be able to come home in 10 days or so. When we left this afternoon, she was resting peacefully.


Taylors said...
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Taylors said...

We are so happy that all went well today. Our love and prayer and hearts are with you. Precious little Olivia is beautiful in the picture posted today. Pastor and Anita

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!! Just an example of the way He will be with you each step of the way!!
Brett & Katie

Anonymous said...

God is so good. I just want you to know you are never very far from our thoughts and prayers. What a precious baby/family you have. He gives us joy and peace when we are in His presence.
~Maggie & ED~

Lori said...

Oh what a pretty little face!! No more tape and ng tube that is so wonderful now you can finally see her whole face! I am so happy things went well. I bet you can't wait to get her home

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! She looks so cute and so peaceful in that picture!
Naomi (Kinney) Frank

Jeff said...

Brian and Amy - please know that our church family has been praying for you guys. Hang in there and rest in Him.

Jeff Henderson

Liz H. said...

God is Amazing! Your babies are so precious and God has a plan for their lives and for your whole family. Thank you for keeping this blog so i can pray for you and the girls.
All my love.
Liz Herlan

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! All went well!Olivia looks so peaceful, what a beautiful baby! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all
Glenna and Eldon

Sharon said...

Dear Brian & Amy,
My Grandmother, Annie Davis sent me your web site. I've never met you, but I was told we're related on Aunt Esters side.
I'm VERY GLAD Olivia is doing WELL !!!!! Your Children are GODS VERY PRECIOUS GIFT's To YOU !!!!!!!!
My name is Sharon Alley, my parents are Win & Bonnie Alley, Meme (Annie Davie) is my fathers, Mother.
I just wanted to say I've been reading about you & your BEAUTIFUL Children & you are doing a WONDERFULL JOB. I know it's not easy having a child that's not healthy, I've had health problems my entire life.
I was born on Nov. 23, 1977 with a disability called Arthrogryposis. My muscles have joint contractions, they are very limited with their rang of motion, & they are extremely weak.
I was born w/ my feet behind my ears, for the first year of my life my mother carried me around like a torso. My arms were at my sides, & my fingers were like claws. I couldn't move at all, then one day mom saw me flop my arm up to my face then it dropped. She got so excited she swooped me up & carried me upstairs to her mom, Nana. They watched for me to do it again, but I didn't that day.
Mom would take us to Church every Sun., Wed. & every Rally we could make it to. While there she'd have the Pastors gather around me to Pray. Over my first Year of life my Legs Gradually came Down, my Arms, Hands & Fingers Loosened.
When I was two, they operated on me to lengthen the cords in my feet, then I wore cast on them for several weeks. I grew up warring Braces on my Legs & Splints on my Hands. One of my legs looked like it was taken off & turned around backwards. I used to squiggle around on the floor on my bottom, my sister said I looked like sizers w/ my legs going open & close. My bones are fused at the wrists, you have six bones in your wrists that are separated so you can raise your hand up. My six bones are fused into a ball, so my hand turns down all the time.
I can write though, I write in my diary, use my Lap Top, I use the touch Mouse w/ my fingers & type w/ a stick in my mouth & I love to draw, especially Animals (My Favorite).
I used to use a walker at school & I'd walk up & down the hallways. Unfortunately, my disability got worse so I can no longer use it, I can only walk a few steps now w/ the help of my mom. I have an Electric Wheelchair, but I don't get out much anymore, except to go to the Dr's. & the store few times. My life is spent on the couch now , I developed Lymphedema in my legs, they are triple their size filled w/ fluid. I also have it in my belly. It hurts, but I make it through life but, ONLY w/ the help of GOD, my MOTHER, & my SWEET DOGGIES !!!!!!!!!
Evey time mom went in for one of her Nine operation she'd take a hold of the Surgeon's Hands & Pray over them. She'd pray for God to guide the surgeon's hands, they'd think that she didn't trust them or she was loony. It worked though she always came out w/ flying colors. She'd do the same if one of us went in too.
When I was born mom was getting ready to read her Bible, when she went to open it, it fell to "Luke 8:50 - Fear Not Believe Only, And She Shell Be Made Whole". From that day on we've Always Believed that I WILL Be Healed SOMEDAY, we don't know How or When but we know IT WILL HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!
I've done many speeches in school on it, up until I graduated from High School in 1998 w/ High Honers I must say : ).
I'm sorry I'm babbling on, I wanted to just say I'm Praying for Olivia & the rest of your family. Olivia is much worse off than I am, & I'm very sorry about that, NO Sweet Little Angel should go threw what she is. I know it can be very hard sometimes, but God will always be there for you all, no matter what. He's helped my family & I through all of our trials of this very hard Life.
God Bless All Of You,
I Will Continue to Pray,
Love Sharon
P.S. If you'd like to email me anytime, contact Annie Davis, she'll give you my email address.