Saturday, May 06, 2006

Holding out for a Miracle

The doctors informed us today that Olivia very likely has reached her peak. A third neurologist looked at her MRI and says that it doesn't look normal. He feels that she has damage that is causing her to not swallow or suck. He feels that she will have difficulties later in life including possibly cerebral palsy.

A little more important right now is that she is continuing to have the spells where her heart rate slows and breathing stops. It seems only some of this is due to the secretions in her throat and lungs. Her X-ray today shows that she is starting down with pneumonia again. Also, her lungs are starting to show the effects of having it over and over.

We are looking into having her records sent to Boston and it is possible that she may go there at some point as well, though we don't expect them to say anything else. Everything she is doing is consistent with what she has gone through. Seeing what the doctors in Boston have to say would pretty much be for our own peace of mind in that we did all that we can.

The odds of her survival at this point are very slim. Due to the spells, she requires constant care. Likely in the next few weeks we will be bringing her home so that we have some time together as a family. We are being trained to be able to care for her, but know that it will probably only be for a short amount of time.

Please continue to pray for God to work a miracle in her. Pray as well that we will have His strength to take one day at a time and not look too far into the future. We know that no matter what may come, He is in control and nothing takes Him by surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Brian and Amy,
You are in our prayers. We have put Oliva on many prayer chains here in Ohio. May the Lord give you peace and grace through this trouble. He is in control.
Brett and Katie Barnes