Saturday, May 20, 2006

Long Overdue Update

We know you keep looking on here for a new message. We just have not known what to write as we have been in limbo as to what decision to make. In speaking with the doctor, we have decided that the trachiotomy is really not a good option for Olivia at this time. It would not make her care any less, nor would it be a guaranteed fix. We have spoken with the surgeons for having her feeding tube inserted and they will be doing some tests on Monday regarding this. They did let us know that she is big enough to have the surgery done in a less invasive manner. Also, this week she was moved out of her isolete and into a regular crib.

Alysa is growing really well. She is up to 7 Lbs, 9 oz. Tyler has a cold, cutting teeth, or some combination of both. Neither Mom or Dad got much sleep last night because of this.

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