Monday, May 01, 2006

Still Waiting

Olivia had more spells today. She had around 8 by the time Dad left around 5 this afternoon. This looks as though it will be something that we will have to more accustomed to when she comes home. There is a chance, strictly medically speaking, that they will go away over the next weeks, but there is no way to predict it. The doctor who was there when she was born and was on service the next 2 weeks saw her today for the first time, to our knowledge, in a while. He said she looked a little better and was doing some things that she had not been doing a couple of weeks ago. He suggests that we work towards bring her home and that it might be a couple of weeks process. This will mean a lot of training for us, a potential surgery for her, and a lot of changes to our home-life.

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Leah said...

Brian and Amy,

Hi this is Leah. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful the girls are. Dad is continually sending me pictures on my phone. Also wanted to let you know that everybody out at Hyles is praing for Olivia. Have been since before they were born. Love you guys alot. Can't wait to see them in person.

Leah Willett