Saturday, May 27, 2006

Surgery Date Set

Olivia will have surgery @ 7:30 am on Tuesday to have her feeding tube inserted. Please pray that all will go well and her recovery will be quick. We believe that this is her last hurdle before she is able to come home.

In light of that, please pray that things will work out with that. There are still a lot of details to work out. She will require 24 hour supervision. She doesn't have to be watched all the time, but when she has one of her spells, someone had to be able to be right there for her. As such, with Tyler and Alysa, we can't just drop everything we are doing with them and rush to Olivia. Their safety is important too. We have been told that even if our insurance covers 24 hour in home nursing, that due to the nursing shortage here, it just won't happen. We have already started the process of setting these things up (basically turning our living room into a mini hospital), but have no idea exactly how much help there will be for us. It would be really nice to have a nurse watch her at night so we could sleep.


Emma R. said...

Good luck on your sugery Oliva. I will say some extra prayers for you

Anonymous said...

Amy and Brian, we continue to lift up your family in our prayers. We send our hugs and love. As children we learn so many verses and we call on them in time of need. But when we are truly leaving all of ur emotions to the Lord, that is when He can fully have control of our lives. You will grow more in the Lord now then you ever have. Allow Him to be all you need. He has promised to be our all. I'm sending you a couple of books, I pray they will help.
Brett and Katie