Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Staying in touch

We have opened the comment section back up. You can still e-mail us directly if you prefer as the comments left on this site can be read by anyone.


Karen T said...

Dear Amy & Brian,

You are in my prayers. I love you and weep with you. I can't wait to meet Alysa soon and Olivia in heaven some day. Thanks for taking the time to update the blog. It helps to know how to pray for you. your friend, Karen

Anonymous said...

Amy & Brian,
it was so nice to see your family when you came to visit the NICU the other day. I didn't take care of Olivia often while she was with us, but I fell in love with her instantly, and think of her often. Seeing Alysa so big and happy brought such joy to my heart. Thank you for bringing her in- seeing her thriving and so obviously, well-loved- I pray that you share in the joy I felt when seeing her.
And thank you for continuing to maintain your blogspot through it all.

your friend through Christ,
Olivia's nurse (one of the many who knew her, loved her, and mourned her)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

It's Jamie from OB/Gyn Associates. Hope you still remember me! I just wanted to let you know we still think about you often. You're always in my thoughts & prayers. Keep in touch :]


renee said...

yes, thank you for this blog- in a time where we almost can't be "there" other than prayer because this is such a deep thing, this blog connects us to you at each step of the way. Crying with you now and praying for you as you sort these difficult emotions out- you and God. Love -renee

Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating your blog. I pray that you are comforted by knowing people do still care. My heart aches for you. GOD Bless
<>< Julie

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy & Brian

I to know the pain of loosing a twin, though I was never blessed with holding him or seeing him, I lost him througout the pregnancy, though the pain of loosing a child is still their.I found the best way of dealing with the pain was to know that he went home with god and that he had his reasons and that you just don't question why. My son is know 7yrs old, I still think about his brother and wonder how he would be today. I keep faith everyday that I will one day meet my son in heaven and so will his brother. I cant say that the pain has ever went away but over time I have been able to accept it and I pray that over time you will to. I thank you for your sight and having the courage to share about your family. Always keep in mind that olivia is still with you in spirit and she is watching over you'r family from heaven. I wish your family all the best that life has to offer you and I will be praying for your family.