Monday, October 02, 2006

Hi there.

Hi there. For once I am at a loss for words. In my head I've written a hundred things to post but as I sit here tonight I don't feel like writing any of it.

From looking at the site statistics I see that a few of you checked in the on the 29th. Don't think that because I did not write something that I forgot what that day represented. 3 months without Olivia.

I am feeling a little better since I last wrote. I do want to update you on how we are feeling and how Tyler and Alysa are doing - but not tonight. I'll get my thoughts out to you in the next couple days. And I'll have pictures!!

Thanks for your prayers and support.


naomifrank said...

Thinking of you often. You are always in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brian & Amy,

I saw your update on the 2nd and have been visiting your page to see if you had updated it. I guess we can not complain because we have not updated our page nether.

Just wanted you to know that although times goes on you are still in our prayers and thoughts.