Friday, December 29, 2006

6 months today Olivia went to be with Jesus

Good Morning!
This is my favorite picture at the moment.

Alysa eating her "first Christmas" lunch.

Tyler's Tree tree tree (that's what he called it) Tyler's new desk from Great Nana and Bampa

Wow. Were do I begin. I was going to allow this to be a sad day for me - but - the tears have not fallen yet. Brian came home with some roses for me last night. (For those of you who may be reading this for the first time, our daughter Olivia Lynn went to be with Jesus 6 months ago today.) I plan on going to a Creative Memories workshop tonight and I know that looking at pictures of Olivia will probably make me cry. I am SO thankful for all the pictures that we took.

I am looking forward to the new year. I have lots of things that I would like to accomplish. This year I feel as though I didn't do much with my life - except survive.

THE KIDS - They are amazing.

Tyler - oh boy! He is talking like there is no tomorrow. He talks in short sentences and understand more than I probably know. Right now his favorite things are Elmo, coloring and going to "Nana's house." He is on the run all the time. Thankfully he still takes an afternoon nap.

Saturday Tyler turns 2!!

Alysa - Now that she knows that she can stand up, that is all she wants to do. She stated walking holding on the the furniture just before Christmas. She's getting a few bumps and bruises but she's pretty proud of herself. I think that Tyler gets a little jealous. He likes to push her down sometimes. It gave me a strange feeling the first night that I heard her crying in her crib and went to get her and she was standing up waiting for me. Even now she is standing beside me holding onto the chair as I type. She's starting to "talk" to us with her "mamma's and babba's." She smiles and laughs so much. She really is a very happy baby. I am so glad for that. Sometimes I wonder if she has any thoughts about Olivia. Does she have any sense of missing her?

Alysa's smile will reveal her 3 teeth, with more to come in the near future.

Dad- still working hard to take care of all of us. I really appreciate all that he does. I am so thankful that I get to be a stay at home mom.

Mom - I'm doing well. I feel okay and have a lot to look forward to this coming year. I do have one thing that is heavy on my heart. Many of you know that I was raised by my grandmother because my mother died of cancer when I was 16 months old.

Just before Tyler was born my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Her last treatments did not work. In March she will try something else.

If this does not work....the Drs. are not sure what to do. Other medical conditions play a factor in the intensity of the treatments she can undergo. (she's had 4 heart attacks, open heart surgery, and the effects the treatments have had on her liver) I would love for your prayers concerning a treatment that will work or even a complete healing which would be a miracle. Even though the Lord did not allow Olivia to be healed, I still believe in the Great Physician.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

love! the pic of them standing together! that is so adorable! will pray for your mom Amy.


Anonymous said...

OH my WORD!!!!! Those first two pic.s Totally ROCK!!!!! Pete and I were SOOOO happy to see them. Why do you have such cute kids?! -ren

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pictures! Alysa looks so very happy!
I will be praying for your mom.

Laura said...

What darling pictures, Cute kids! I am so glad they are doing so well. I am sorry to hear about your Grandma! I will pray for her. I am always so impressed by your faith, you are stronger than you know! Happy 6 month birthday to all of you, and to Oliva, who is never forgotten!

Laura said...

Ok Ok I did know she was 9 months. Well, I did know when she was born so if I did the math I would have known :)

<>< Julie said...

Hi Amy,
I met your grandmother in August when I was in Machias. Her friend Pat introduced us. I was asking about your family because Pat had asked for prayers when you were still pregnant. You have all been on my prayer list for almost a year. I will pray for Marion as she faces additional medical treatment. Keep the faith. God always has a plan. Happy belated Birthday to Tyler! Mine was the 31st. GOD BLess

julie said...

Hi Amy-I just came across your blog because you posted a comment on Brad and Jen's blog (the one's expecting quads) anyway I just want you to know that I read your whole story and of course I was crying through just about all of it. I was amazed at your faith through dealing with Olivia's condition and the answers to prayer were just amazing. I am sorry for your loss and I know they say that time heals wounds but it takes time and I will be praying for you. I am so glad you chose to bring her home to be with everyone. I know every decision was difficult and filled with much emotion. Children are a blessing from the Lord. I enjoyed all your photos even though I don't even know you. I have twin daughters who will be 2 next month so I think alot of our world is the same because Tyler is just a bit older than my girls. I hear the EIEIO.

with my love and prayers,
Julie I

Lois said...

Thank you so much, Amy, for sharing your thoughts and emotions. You can be sure we are praying for all of you. The pictures are so special.

Lois &