Saturday, January 27, 2007

Olivia's Life in Pictures

The day after she was born (she is on a ventalator at this point)

One of our first times holding her

A "precious moment" with daddy

no, this isn't Olivia :) I had just forgotten how cute Tyler was back then

For those of you who had the chance to work with Olivia, you know this is one of her classic expressions. To everyone in the NICU who took care of her. THANK YOU.

Oh, my precious daughter. I love you too.

This is the ONLY picture we have of us as a family. If it looks as though we had been crying - we had. This picture was taken on the day Olivia started to spiral downward. We actually did not expect her to make it though the afternoon. But, she was a fighter and gave us 9 more days to spend with her.
This is the last photo that I took of Olivia. Why I left the oxygen tube there, I have no idea.
Maybe at the time I was laughing at her for pulling it out.

Though you only see a few photos here, I have spent about 3 hours looking through the 100's of digital we took of the girls. wow! SO many memories. I can't believe that she is really gone.......


Emma R. said...

You were blessed with two very beautiful daughters and such a handsome. You are so lucky, I know it sad that she is gone but I know you remember the good times and smile

angie said...

Your photos are so touching and captivating. I love your family photo and cried when I read the caption. You have a beautiful family.

Jared said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks so much for sending this note out. I am SO sorry for not updating my own yet. I am going to do that in the VERY near future. I just wanted you to know that you and Brian are always in my thoughts and prayers. Your kids are so beautiful, and again, im sorry I can't see you more often to encourage you guys. I truly love your family. I need to keep in better contact. Send me an email at my yahoo account and maybe send me your phone number or something and let me know when the best time to call is. I will be in touch.

Keep Smiling!! :) Love and Prayers always for your family.

Anonymous said...

What a precious family picture!
GOD bless you as you continue to help others while sharing your feelings.

Truck Driver Wife said...

Your family is absolutely beautiful. I am so very sorry for your loss.