Saturday, February 24, 2007


"I'm pretty...I mean, I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm a big girl now!"

How many wipes does it take to clean a window?

You have to keep your eye on her all the time!

Hello Everyone.
There really isn't anything specific I want to write about tonight. The kiddos are sleeping and Brian is out bowling with some teens from our church and some of their friends from 10 until 1am.

The last post was of such a sad nature that it didn't reflect how I am really feeling at all. I want everyone to know that we are really doing well as a family and I personally have come leaps and bounds out of the hole of depression that I was in.

Have I forgotten about Olivia? Is that why it doesn't hurt so much. Mercy, No. I will NEVER forget her. In fact, I see more and more of her in Alysa each day. I'm starting to get a hold of my life.

I'm a really big fan of Flylady ( and with using her program I am starting to get some organization to my life. My mom just left after a week visiting so I have a clean house to work with. She is such a huge help. She cleans like Cinderella when she is here! I've decluttered and decluttered and I've finally gotten most of the "piles" under control. You know, the piles of paper, the piles of clothes. As I said, I love Flylady. Check her out.

Also, a friend has gotten me hooked on Creative Memories Scrapbooking. So, that will help with the piles of pictures! And, I'll know that I have put together some nice books for my children to have when they grow up. Working on Olivia's is hard - but I want to do it before I lose some of the details that I know I will forget.

I wanted to also share a few picture with you. Tyler is amazing me with how much he is talking. Alysa is almost walking. I bet with the help of Daddy and I this weekend she will be well on her way. She could do it if she really wanted to but she is really hesitant about falling. She is going excellent with standing on her own and has been walking holding onto things for some time now. She is a little slower than Tyler as he was running at 9 months and Alysa is going on 11 months soon. Though, she sure outsmarted all the doctors who told us she would probably be a little behind with her mile stones being a preemie and all. There is nothing preemie about her now!

She gives Tyler a run for his money too. She can be quite aggressive with him when she is not getting her way. He's a little bigger so he always wins....right now. But watch out! Tyler is also my little helper. He loves to help me dust and fold clothes. (and wash windows. ha ha) I can't even put into words how precious he is to me.


Anonymous said...

go lyssa go! And mommy's little helper is SOOOO cute! as usual;) -ren

naomifrank said...

So adorable, as always! She is a little go getter, you can tell. Beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the kids. they are so busy!! So beautiful!
Friend of Grampa Kevin

Laura said...

Thanks so much for the coupon. Alyssa is absolutely adorable and very advanced. She really has forgotten all about her preemie life. I love the picture with all the wipes, I so relate to that one. My twins LOVE wipes, and if I forget to put them up its not good. Anyway... love reading your updates, exspecialy with pictures.

K Towle said...

So good to hear that you are doing well. I love the pictures of the kids!

Dawn Roberge said...

Hi Amy! I check into your site on occasion to check on how you are doing. I'm glad you are feeling better. The kids pictures are great! I can't beleive she is almost walking already! They are beautiful! My thoughts are always with you. Tell Grammy I said hello and I love her too.

Hugs and kisses-Dawn

Anonymous said...

Once again I have to tahnk you for sharing your family and your feelings with all of us. Your children are beautiful. Bless you
<>< Julie