Monday, April 02, 2007

Long overdue

Why is it so hard to update this page? Then again, why is it so hard to accomplish anything around here? I can't say that it is because I have a two and a one year old. Yes, they keep me busy but other people have kids and seem to have it all together. (I can't believe Alysa will be ONE tomorrow. That is another whole story in itself and I will make myself write tomorrow.)

I will just give a semi quick update tonight as there is so much to say and now is not the time. Alysa is in her playpen screaming her head off. Spoiled. That is her problem. But my problem in the fact that I created her that way. Way to dependent on Mommy.

Tyler is runnig around getting into EVERYTHING. At the moment he has Alysa entertained. Speaking of being enteretained, he's come up with some pretty commical things the last few days. Even the grumpiest grump would have to crack a smile at some of his doings. (sometimes I am that grumpy grump!)

Tyler is still a big Elmo fan. He loves to color and use stickers. He was spoiled at Grammie Peters house. She bought him a set of markers. They "said" they were washable. I'll post some pictures later tonight and you can see for yourself the mess he made. Tyler also really enjoys going to Sunday school. He can pretty much sing the whole song, "Jesus Loves Me," and parts of a few others. He can also count to 10. We are working on colors. But everything seems to be BLUE at this point.

Mommy and Daddy are doing fine. Brian is still working full time and trying to bablance being a youth leader at church. He loves those kids and wishes he had more time to devote to them. I think things would be taking off in leaps and bounds...if there were just MORE TIME. But, also I need him home too to be a Daddy. He's just getting pulled in a lot of directions right now.

One more quick thing before I go. I have a little puzzle for you all. Some of you know the answer. Please keep it to yourselves and let others try to figure it out. E-mail us with what you think this means. ( I'll post the answer later on.

Another hint. The lines are not 1's. They are just blue lines.

I will be getting back to you all real soon. I want to write tomorrow being the Big day for Alysa and there are a few pictures to post. So check back!

ok here is another picture clue. This is Tyler imitating mommy most mornings. Except, I wouldn't say I hug it quite like that!

here you go. the answer. This is not Tyler, Alysa OR Olivia!!

srcoll down


Jeff & June said...

Yes! what a blessing. We're soo happy for you all!!!Love Jeff, June & WIG

Laura said...

I am SOO happy for you! Sometimes the Lord knows what we need before we do, I have learned I am grateful for that! Congrats again!

Emma R. said...

Oh Amy that is wonderful! My computer has been broken but my mother reads your blog too and when she told me this the other day I was so excited for you! Now that my computer is back up and running I will check your blog more, keep us updated!--Lori