Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't know what to say

I feel like I should write something...but I do not know what to say.
Obviously yesterday was Mother's Day. I wish that it wasn't but the day is over.

Today I am trying to stay really busy. My mom was supposed to be here today. She was coming for the whole week. She would be here by now soaking up lots of lovin' from Tyler and Alysa. She would be so happy to see them.

A few people already know but please also pray for our family because we found out Saturday that Pete, the person I grew up calling dad (mom's exhusband) died. Due to health reasons we did not expect him to live until the end of summer...but only 9 days afters mom's death was a little unexpected.

The kids are getting fussy so I will come back and edit and add to this later

written May 21st
I know that I said I would come back and write later. Things just got hectic. We leave again on Thur. for our third trip to Mom's house this month....all trips where she wasn't standing at the door to give me a hug...after hugging the kids of course. I seemed to take second place to them recently....And I didn't mind. You will see in the pictures to come how happy they made her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I am sorry to hear of Pete's passing especially so soon after your mom's. There really are no words except please know I will continue to keep your family in my daily prayers.
<>< Julie

K Towle said...

Dear Amy,
I am so sorry to hear of Pete passing away. You are in my prayers.