Thursday, May 24, 2007

not enough time

I know what I want to write but finding the time is another thing. We are leaving this evening to go to mom's house for the long weekend. I will be talking with the real estate agent tomorrow morning. The thought of someone else living in mom's house is hard. Everything will be changed. But I know that I can't leave it the same forever.

Well, I can't take the time to write it all out like I want but maybe someday I can come back to it. From the letter you can see that mom was thankful to have me in her life after my "ma ma" died. My mom and I were living with my grandparents because she was too sick to take care of me herself and she was not married to my dad. My mom was pretty young still. She was only 16 when she was diagnosed with cancer and 19 when she had me. So the point of this is just to say that I was living with my grandparents from the day that I can home from the hospital.

I guess the story goes, that one day I came home from school one day and asked my grandparents if I could call them "mom" and "dad". because all of my friends in school had mom's and dad's.

To get you further along in the story my mom and dad got a divorce when I was 6. (I think) I'll look at the date later to be sure. Even though dad lived right next door after that, it changed everything. From then on it it was just me and mom. Her children were all grown and moved away and her mom and dad and siblings lived way down south. Me and Mom.

I'll leave it there for now. There will be a lot of changes in the above but at least I have an outline to work with. I will try to get a couple more pictures on before we leave tonight.

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