Friday, June 22, 2007

It has been One Year

Leaving the hospital

First picture when she got home

first moments together at home.

one of the very few with Mommy and both girls

resting in a bouncy seat for a little change

One of my favorites

You have seen some of these pictures before when I did a photo post remembering Olivia's life. We have quite a few other pictures but try to share just the better ones. These are pictures from her 2 weeks at home. She had a lot of bad times. Her first few days at home she did really well and had relatively few spells. But as you know, it all went downhill from there. I'm so thankful for those 14 days. Forever etched in my mind.


Emma R. said...

Its funny you posted on Emma's blog. I came to get online to check yours. I was thinking it was getting close to 1 year. I am so sorryh you are missing her so much, I love that last picture its my favorite too. Hope all is well with you I miss talking to you

Emma's Mom Lori

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures and treasured memories. I am so glad she got to be home with you during those times.

Anonymous said...

God truly blessed you with 2 beautiful daughters! I am so glad that you have those pictures of Olivia while she was home with you.I am glad that you had that time with her.

Shannon said...

Your story has touched me so greatly. The pictures of your precious Olivia bring tears to my eyes every time I see them. Thank you for sharing her with us and thank you for being another example of strength and grace in the face of an unimaginable challenge.

momo mom