Friday, June 08, 2007

In Memory

Mom's church had a little write up about her in their latest newletter. I thought that I would share it with you. (click on it to get a larger view) As for me, I am having good days and bad days. Today has been fine but I cried myself to sleep last night. I miss her SO much.


Laura said...

What a beautiful write up about your sweet dear mother! You have been through so much Amy this last year, my heart goes out to you! You are so strong! ((HUGS)) She was a beautiful, inspirational woman, and certainly she gave a lot of that to you.

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

wow, what a loving tribute to your mom and a great testimony!! you must be soo proud! she has raised you well and passed on so many of her qualities! i am praying for you through these difficult times!

Anonymous said...

i love you Amy.
i really do.

Your sister.

Jay said...
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Jay said...

Found your blog and was touched by the article. Sending you prayer in this time. I lost my mom 7 years ago, and it still feels like yesterday.


Anonymous said...

A BEAUTIFUL article. Thanks for sharing.
You're in my thoughts.

j said...

Hi Amy, I was thinking about you but did not have computer access. The pictures you posted are beautiful and will help Tyler remember your mom. That is a wonderful write up about your mom from Machias Valley Baptist Church. Your mom will be missed by many good people there. May God continue to give you new strength each day. <>< Julie