Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Mom and My Kids

This is mom and me just moments after Tyler made his
arrival into this world. She was there for the whole event.
That was an amazing moment. Then it crosses my mind
that Mom was right there on the couch with me when Olivia
made her arrival into the Lord's arms from mine.
Mom was Always there. I can't belive that she is not here

with Olivia at the hospital

with Alysa

with Tyler

Tyler and Olivia at home
with Alysa and Olivia

giving Olivia a kiss

with Ty & Alysa

These photos are not in a particlular order. They are just some of the memories I have of Mom and my kids. Unfortunately, all my kids will have are the pictures. They won't have the memories. Even though Tyler talks about Grammie Peters often now, I don't know if he will remember her at all when he is older.
Last year on this day we were anticipating Olivia coming home the next day. Can you really believe it has been a whole year? I will be posting pictures of her coming home and a trip down memory lane of her two weeks home in the days to come. Olivia Lynn, Mommy misses you and loves you SO much.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

I am just crying seeing these pictures and feeling the emotions in each of them. They are such precious memories and moments. I am so sorry for your loss! I am sure she is holding and loving your sweet Olivia now.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I check your webpage now and then. I'm so sorry to read that your mother is not here, but she is up there with your sweet baby. Some day you will be reunited, but for now you have two beautiful children and a husband that needs you here. I can feel your pain because I missed my own mother for years. Love and prayers to you and your family, Marge from Lisbon Falls Baptist Church.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are priceless Amy......your Mom was very loved and she loved you all sooo much! you can see that in all those pictures!