Friday, June 29, 2007

Smart Girl.

Alysa is so smart. According to the charts if she was saying about 10 words at 17 and 18 months, she would be on target.

She will be 15 months on July 3rd and her vocabulary includes:

1. Mam ma, probably the word she uses the most throughout the day
2. Dadda
3. no
4. up (as in pick me up!)
5. dog
6. moo (she knows that is what a cow says)
7. newer word is "Elmo"
8. bubble
9. hi
10. bye bye
11. nose - though it sounds like no. but if asked she will point to her nose.
12. "ow", as in Tyler is hurting me or I am stuck somewhere.
13. I think her most recent is, "MINE" Of course, most everything belongs to her in her mind!
14. ball

Don't fear. I think Tyler is smart too. I couldn't even type all the things he talks about. He talks all the time. He's learning more and more songs from Sunday school. "Jesus Loves Me" is still his favorite but I hear the song, "Happy and I" quite often. His newest favorite (learned from Daddy) to which he sings most of the words is "Rock a bye Baby." He loves asking questions. The same ones over and over as you know. And Tyler was my fast learner when it came to walking. He has it mastered at 9 months. Alysa took a little more time but was up and at it a couple weeks after her 1st birthday. Now there is NO stopping her. And climb! You better watch out.


Laura said...

Alyssa sounds like such a fun girl!

Anonymous said...

CUTE picture! Love it!