Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tyler and Alysa

These two are what keep me going when I want to just curl up in bed and stay there.

Later I will write out the verses that have also been an encouragement to me during this time.
I would do it now but Alysa is mad at me because I won't let her eat a banana peel from out of the garbage :)


Anonymous said...

Cute picture! Jadon wanted to eat a banana peel the other day too! As for your blog, I read to know how you are doing and to understand your journey. I think you're special to be able to put your thoughts out there so that others can read and know someone else is out there struggling too and has a HOPE that helps her. I think it's great. I'd love for you to share from your book!

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

What a great picture! i check your blog daily as it is a big encouragemtn to me, although i have not been through anything close to what you have experienced, i feel that at some point i will go through something and remember your words or i can go look back at them. sorry for not being faithful in leaving comments, many times i have wanted to say something, but most of the times i lack the right words to say. i am always afraid i will say something that doesn't come out right which is the last thing i want to do. anyway, all that to say this, i truly enjoy your blog and will try to leave comments in the future! :)