Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Super Stressed (pictures added)

I'm looking for all you prayer warriors out there. I am feeling very stressed and am seeking the Lord's calming power.

I will be going to my mom's next week with the 2 kids and without Brian. That alone stresses me. Hopefully, one or two of the teen girls from church can go with me to help with the kids.

The purpose of this trip - well when I leave....my mom's house should be empty. Now please remember my mom has a 6 bedroom house. This means selling, packing, moving and getting rid of a lot of stuff. This makes me anxious, sad, and feeling very overwhelmed. I'm hoping my church family from down there can be a really big help because I can't really be lifting boxes and moving furniture.

If you like to take a peek you can click on the link below to go to the page where it is up for sale. It only had the one picture though from the outside.

Depending on if someone goes with me or not I would have to come back to bring them home at the end of the week but then I plan on heading back down if I need and stay until the job is completed. With the kids, it is about a 4 hour trip one way.

On a totally different note. This week I am working my living room. I hope to get the pictures up before I go. We did get Tyler's room picked up yesterday. His room was easy. Just his toys scattered about. As you with kids know though, it is a CONSTANT thing to keep it picked up. I put the truck on his shelf and 30 seconds later he has them all down again. He has not learned the concept of one thing or one group of toys at a time. He wants them ALL off the shelves or the WHOLE toy box empty. We'll keep working on it and hopefully with age he will improve.

not the most intesteresting post I know, but this is were we are in life right now.


Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you!

JennyE said...

Good luck at your mother's home.
Your son's room looks great! It is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing, isn't it? LOL!