Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Getting Close

What does it mean when you open your refrigerator and discover you had put Cheerios in there earlier?

Also, recently I have had this strong urge to clean out the utensil drawer, clean out the kids closets, and go Christmas shopping!! The latter of theese would be near impossible for me to do as my walking is very limited.

I have to take it day by day. Yesterday was a good day. I was able to be up most of the day. I got to lay down for a couple hours in the afternoon. I cooked dinner and was able to go to Youth Group with Brian. When people asked how I was feeling I was able to say, "really good."

Today is not so good. I pretty much can't be on my feet at all or it's contraction city. oh well. I have been trying to organize some more by dumping the project on the floorin front of me and working on it sitting down. I've got a little done but not what my brain wants me to. It's hard when your body and brain want to do differnt things. :)


Anonymous said...

I think the cheerios thing means you're human :) ha! Praying for you... not long now!

Truck Driver Wife said...

We in my family call that "PLACENTA BRAIN" Hang in there :)