Saturday, October 27, 2007


I am just going to use this to vent. Probably won't make me feel better in the end but I am mad and just feel like talking it out.
You've all felt that way I am feeling right now.

When you just wish that people would leave well enough alone. It is just one of those situations where I have told those involved that I would take care of things and leave things alone and they don't. And of course it's a family member.

After Katelyn is born we need to settle down and write a will and make sure all our ducks are in a row.

So much hurt and confusion would have been fixed if my mom and dad had all the proper paper work in order. Mom was way better about it but there are always a few loose ends. My dad had nothing in order really and it has caused a lot of hurt. Just telling your family your wishes is not good enough, nor is just writing it down really. Things need to be signed, dated, notarized and all that wonderful stuff. So, if I could encourage you all to take care of one thing in the new year to come...for your family or children's sake...make sure you have a will written and know what will transpire if you should die. For those of you with young children, you may just assume that if something happens to you that they would stay with family. Not necessarily true. Without proper documentation your children will probably end up in the state foster care system.

anyway.........being this far along in my pregnancy I can't change the situation that is about to transpire. I just need to give my feelings of anger and resentment to God. As, Brian keeps isn't doing any good to be upset. Doesn't change things and I know the stress is not good so I end here and will try to have a good rest of the day.

yes, the larger print is on purpose. That's my "I'm frustarted" type. :) But, silly as it seems... I do feel a little better.


Laura said...

I am so sorry for all this mess! We have a written,signed agreement with my sister and brother in law regarding children and insurance. Do we need it to more official.

Truck Driver Wife said...

We learned this the hard way with my father. good luck with everything. Settle down until Katelyn comes (or else you could make her come early).

Anonymous said...

Sorry for so much stress! It is good to vent though!
Not long now!
Naomi :)

Truck Driver Wife said...

As the days get closer to delivery, your family gets lifted up in prayers more often. Hang in there. Hugs and Prayers.

Susan said...

Yes it is very important to have lots of life insurance, mortgage insurance and a will. My daughter found out the hard way. Her husband (26 yo) died one night unexpectedly and she was 3 months pregnant with her second child. (first child 11 months old) No mortgage insurance and a small life insurance from work. Needless to say life is very hard now. I would pray that people learn from that.

Truck Driver Wife said...

My goodness 1 week left. How are you feeling?

Kristen said...

i hope that as the day gets closer that you are feeling well!!!! and thanks for the reminder,...Jared and I really need to get things in order......praying for you

Emma R. said...

Amy I can't believe that your big day is so soon! I will be thinking of you. Please try to relaz, I think Brian is right about all this, it does not good to get upset and stress, it doesn't change things it just makes it worse. Good luck to you in the OR on the 8th if I don't talk to you before then.

Lori (emmas mom)