Sunday, December 02, 2007

growing up so fast

sniff. sniff. (wipe a tear from my cheek)
Alysa is not my baby girl anymore.
As we all start to wake up from our afternoon naps we hear Alysa crying. Then Brian and I say, she doesn't sound like she is in her room. A few seconds later Alysa is in our room crawling into bed.

so you say.....what's your point?

Alysa sleeps in a crib still. How did she get out?

I don't really need to ask. I know that she is a little monkey. Dad said he found her sitting in the bathroom sink just this morning.

so, Daddy took the side of the crib off this evening and we converted the crib into a toddler daybed. pictures will be posted later


Kristen said...

it goes too too fast!!!!

Emma R. said...

What a big girl! Be lucky she stayed in as long as she did. My son Derek learned to climb out when he was about 14 months! Had to make a toddler bed for him. It does make you a little sad, they sure go up quick.