Friday, January 11, 2008


Katelyn is two months old.
what can I say, "total cuteness" I could just kiss those cheeks all day!
Tyler turned 3 on December 30th. Is he handsome or what?

Christmas 2007 (recognize the outfit Ruth? Thanks, she was so cute in this.)
Thank you Nana for my own pink plane! Alysa had been a little jealous the night before when Tyler received the same plane (in white and blue) the night before from one of his best buddies, John! He also gave her a gift. A really cute bear that says prayers, but you could tell she really wanted Tyler's plane. Her eyes lit up when she opened this and she screeched in delight for minutes!
Katelyn slept through most of her Christmas in her Great Nana's arms. It was only after we got home and it was quiet that she woke up to share her smile with us.
We didn't really get a good picture of Tyler on Christmas morning. It isn't because we love him any less :) He was just too busy running around handing out presents and opening them. He opened his and some of eveyone else's too! It was crazy. This is the new car rug and PJs he got from his Nana and Granpa. He absolutey loves it and all his little cars.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! They are so adorable! I hear ya on the little boys and their cars!
Hope you have a great weekend!