Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby's Silkie - please check it out

You may be wondering what these cute things are hanging on Katelyn's crib. First, I want to note that I do not leave all that stuff in and on her crib when she is sleeping for safety reasons. I did for this picture because I was right in the room with her cleaning and could keep a check on her.
Well, I would hang them there anyway because they are so beautiful but they also do a wonderful job of covering up where Tyler first, and then Alysa, chewed off the paint on the crib.
I can only hope there is no lead in this paint. The crib was purchased new in 2004 before this whole lead frenzy.

Didn't my little teethers do a good job?

Well, these beatiful little things are called Silkies and Minkys. I love the Minky's. They are soooooooooo soft. I have a dear friend who makes them. Someone bought me the ones hanging on the ends of the crib. The material has little kittens wearing angels wings on them. One is for Alysa and the other was Olivia's. They have their names and birthdate on them. I am keeping them as keepsakes to give to Alysa when she older. The minkys on the side of the crib gets lots of love though, As I said, they are very soft and my girls have loved them. As you can see the purple one is Katelyn's. I tried to take some pictures to show you but they didn't come out so well. Why don't you visit my friends page
Baby's Silky . She has been such an encouragement to me since Alysa and Olivia were born. I would like to help her out by sharing her beautiful work with you and hope it will cross your mind the next time you need a baby gift! (Thank you Carlene for the girl's Silkies!)

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Truck Driver Wife said...

Those silkie blankies are so cute. When we get pregnant again, will have to get one.