Friday, April 11, 2008

I love you Princess

Alysa wasn't really into picture taking for this. I wish I thought to take one just to show you her gorgeous dress. Oh well.

This is just a recent picture of Tyler because I haven't put him on here much as of late.
Dear Alysa,

Your birthday was on Thursday (April 3rd) but we didn’t celebrate on that day because no one was really feeling well. You felt the best of everyone. We were going to have a “party” with Nanna, Grandpa, Buddy Matt and Grammie Ritchie on Friday but we decided we had a very sicky germ filled house and it might be best to wait until everyone was all better. We are waiting for some warm weather so that we can open the windows.

You don’t really have a clue but we asked you what you wanted and you said you wanted a chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.

We had bought things for you in advance and you kept finding them in our bedroom. When we would make you put them back you would cry. Since we have no idea when we will get to your party, Dad and I will give you a couple things tonight. (April 4th)

You are a great talker for a 2 year old. Give or take a couple letters you can say your ABC’s. You also sing Jesus loves Me. You are just so smart.

“Jesus love me this I know
For the Bible tell me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak
But, He is strong.

Yes, Jesus Loves Me
Yes, Jesus Loves Me
Yes, Jesus Loves Me
The Bible Tell me so.”

April 10th
It looked like we were never going to be able to have your “party” so last night (April 9th) when we went to pick up the car from the mechanics we went to Nana’s and Grandpa’s and had pizza for super and let you open you gifts. You usually love to have your picture taken but not last night. Nana was really sick with the flu so she didn’t get to enjoy anything.
She tends to be quieter around other people but at home Alysa is quite the little talker. At just the old of of 2 she talks on complete thoughts.
"Mommy, I want a snack. I am hungry."
"Tyler, you be nice to me"
"Can you read me a book?"
She found another M&M in a bag of trail mix this morning and said
"I found another one." I don't know. Maybe it's just because I am her mom but I think the concepts she uses are so smart for her age.
She is big into "I do it by myself" or when you try to help "No, I want to do it."
Though there is one phrase we wish Tyler had never taught her, When asked why she does certain things, such as, "Alysa, why did you color on your arm?" Her answer, "Because too."
To which she has also learned to say, "That is not a good reason"


Anonymous said...

its not just you...i think she is very smart too! and such a gorgeous sweetie cakes!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, very smart little girl and way too cute as well!
Happy Birthday, Alyssa!