Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Changing so fast

Katelyn has been changing so fast in the last couple weeks that I wanted to give a quick update.

About a week after learning to sit on her own she was standing up in her crib. Her forward crawling skills have reached the advanced level. And already she is starting to take steps while holding on to furniture. AHHHHH and Nana guess what - tonight we discovered a first tooth! HOORAY!!

She has been such a joy to watch grow and a comfort in these past months.

Though I did not post on the 29th of June I did not forget what day is was. I though a lot about our sweet Olivia.

Two years sweet baby girl - I have missed you every day. You and Grammie Peters are together again. My life is forever changed because you are my daughter. My angel on earth who now lives with the angels in Heaven.


Naomi said...

Oh my goodness, go Katelyn! Time does seem to go really fast during that time! Loved the precious picture of Olivia too. Thanks for sharing.

Emma R. said...

What's the deal I don't stop in for a while and suddenly Katelyn is a big girl! Wow she is growing up so fast. Such a cutie pie.