Monday, August 25, 2008

can't remember if I have shared this

(an un-wed mother)
“Tells it like it is”

A message for every
teenager in America.
A message straight from
the shoulder and from
the heart.

To you: Mary, Jane, John, Bill or who ever might be reading this right now; this message was written especially for you. I was Becky’s high school counselor and I have been given this privilege of introducing her to you. However, I first would like to make the following brief statement:
· Becky is a young un-wed mother of a beautiful little girl whose name is Amy.
· Becky’s schooling was terminated abruptly following the doctor’s diagnosis of
terminating cancer. Becky was told that she had less than a year to live.
· However, the greatest thing I enjoy sharing about Becky is that from the age of twelve she has been a “Born Again” Christian and has demonstrated and lived her faith through many hardships and disappointments.
I interviewed her in her home and the following is her story and message as she shared it with me, and now wishes to share it with others. It is her hope and prayer that through her testimony and “Telling It Like It Is”, she might help someone or perhaps be instrumental in preventing the heartaches that accompany un-wed pregnancies.

“How could I tell my mother? Should I have an abortion? I could give the baby away. How about school, my friends, and where was the money coming from?” These, and many more, were the questions that jumbled my mind as I say sleepless in my bed at night. Yes, I was pregnant and already my life-style and dreams were being shared by my baby. My emotions and mind were all mixed up with joy, sadness, depression and uncertaint

As the days past, I longed for comfort, understanding, acceptance and love. I did not have the opportunity to share and draw strength from an intimate relationship enjoyed by husband and wife. Often I wondered how I could explain to Amy (yet unborn) why she did not have a Daddy like the other boys and girls have. The complications of my sickness added to my troubled mind. If the doctors were right, and the good Lord did not will otherwise, Amy would grow up with neither a father or mother. I came to realize more and more every day that the statement that I heard so many times, namely: “My private sex life is nobody’s business but my own”, was anything but the truth. Certainly my sex life had now involved: my family, my friends, doctors, counselors, and many others. I tell this to you, young reader, that you might know how it really is. How did it all start? It started with that age-old line, “If you really love me you’ll let me”. I was made to feel guilty if I did not “go all the way”. I hear the phrase, “make love”, or “we made love” many times.
This may come as a shock to you, however, it is not possible to make love. Love is that God-given, undefinable, unselfish, bond that unites the hearts of two people. Pre-marital sex has nothing to do with love. It is a selfish, satisfying sin. Real love asks nothing in return. Sex, when used as God intended it to be, is reserved for the married couple as the most beautiful and wonderful expression of the love that exists between husband and wife. To you Henry, Jack, young male reader, if you really love your girl you will not even ask to “go all the way” let alone insist on it. To you, young ladies, you can prove your love for that special someone by not encouraging sex play. Enjoy each other in a wholesome, God-blessed, life of laughter, fun, planning, learning and a true love will provide that unselfish bond that never needs to say, “I’m sorry”.
For some young teenager who might be reading this message, the advice given comes too late. You maybe wrestling with those same agonizing questions that cause sleepless nights. For you I also give advice. Have your baby. Love your baby. Plan for, protect and be a mother to your baby. Abortion is murder. A second mistake will only complicate the first one. Yes, I sinned, but God forgave that sin and at the same time instructed me as he did the woman brought to Him by her accusers, “---Go and sin no more”.
Amy is a year old now. God has allowed me to have her, even perhaps for just a little while, but my love for her is so great that I have often asked God to be her father and mother if it be His will. I want for her to have that beautiful life that we all dream of. Oh yes, I know it will be more difficult for her but I have dedicated her to God and I have a faith that he will protect, love, guide, and use her for His service. Again to you, young reader, may your life be filled with every good and perfect gift as you seek God’s will and live in God’s way.

Written by: Rebecca Lynn Goodrich and Revernd Gerard Wilbur
in case you are not quite sure, yes, the Amy mentioned above is me


Kristen said...

Amy, thank you for sharing this with us.....I may share it with our youth group when we talk about sex......I have missed your posts and I am glad to see you back!

Truck Driver Wife said...

WOW. That is a pretty powerful post. I think I will share it with you older teenage children if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Amy, Thanks for sharing this. I have two teenage nieces that need to read this! Bless your mother for taking the time to care and share so others might learn. I know she would be so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I loved to read this Amy. I am going to print and keep it. Thank you. And both of your mothers would and are very proud of you. Love you XOXO-Dawn