Thursday, August 28, 2008

more pictures

Alysa had a blast with this photo shoot and I was able to capture lots of pictures of her gorgeous smile.
Tyler endured it...

Katelyn is for sure walking now. Besides long trips down the hallway she she pretty much is wanting to walk all the time. She still only has one tooth.
This is Alysa in the same dress on her first birthday. I couldn't put the white part underneath with Katelyn because it was tight on her as it was. Alysa only weighs a couple more pounds than Kate. Now that she is on the move, I am sure it will all start to balance out.


Emma R. said...

Oh my goodness they are all so big now! The girls are so beautiful and what a handsome little man you have. Thanks for posting these!


Naomi said...

LOVE the photos. They just keep getting cuter as they grow! Amazing how time flies!!!

Truck Driver Wife said...

Wow the time sure has flown by.