Wednesday, September 24, 2008

37 hits

You guys checked this blog 37 times on Monday. I guess that is sign you all are waiting for me to write something. I don't know why I haven't written. Things are going pretty well here. Emotionally I am in a good place and physically I am doing well at keeping up with the housework. Brian and I are very tired as I could not tell you the last night we got a full nights sleep. At this point all three kids are waking up multiple times in the night. Tyler is scared of shadows and monsters. Also, he will get out of bed every time the furnace comes on in the night and go sit on the hot air vent. I don't know why but he likes to do that. Alysa insists on having her light on all night and wakes up screaming if she wakes up in a dark room. Katelyn just wants to sleep in our warm bed and has been teething.

I've had many things that I have wanted to write about and then I get busy or put it off and the next day it doesn't seem as important.

Tonight is a busy night for us with Detour and Tyler is in Cubbies now. But, I am will make a promise to you all that I will write at some point tomorrow. I will make it nice and long with lots of pictures.


Truck Driver Wife said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I was thinking about you.

Emma and Mommy said...

I bet atleast 2 were from me, I always check to see if you have anything up. I do "blog checks" in the morning and again after dinner to check on all my online friends.

I want to see more pics of your little munchkins!