Thursday, September 25, 2008

not what was promised

Ok. Things are not going as planned tonight. I promised you all that I would write something. Well, I’ve written something ha ha I wanted to talk about a group that I have started going to called MOPS. I can’t find the paper about it that I am looking for so I am going to wait until I find it.

Out internet connection is slow tonight so pictures will also have to wait.

I had planned on writing tonight but I am going to be finishing up some house work instead. My dad called this afternoon and he will be stopping in tomorrow for a visit. I believe this will be the fist time he has seen Katelyn. So, as you can see we don’t see each other that often. As I stated, I’ve been doing well with the house the last few weeks but we had a busy couple days and things are starting to get a little crazy. I’d like to get it back under control and make a good impression.

So, I now will probably post sometime on Saturday. Tomorrow evening I will be at a Creative Memories Scrapbooking get together……

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