Wednesday, October 22, 2008

lots of pictures

yeah, so the day before we are supposed to take their annual pumpkin pictures, Alysa decided to give herself a haircut. This isn't the best picture to show it but she went from this to

this. And by the time mom "Fixed" it she has lost all her curls. I hope they come back.
the following pics are from while ago
My dad came to visit (this is my biological father) Katelyn wasn't shy

Brian made these


Emma and Mommy said...

Poor Alysa! She is just at the perfect mischief hair cutting age. My niece did it and cut all her bangs and hair on the sides, looked like friar tuck. Ella did it about a year and a half ago. NO bangs at all, and some hunks out of he back.

Be lucky it will grow back. When I was little I put an entire box of food coloing in my blond hair. I looked like a clown!

Naomi said...

Funny about the haircut! She's still as cute as ever!