Thursday, October 23, 2008

I know I recently posted this one of Alysa but when I found Tyler like this one night I had to laugh.

This would have been a better "before haircut" picture

This is the result of about 3 hours of fresh air and sunshine.


Emma and Mommy said...

Aww they looked so cute cuddled up like that. Derek and Ella would never get that close without hitting each other, I don't care how tired they are! LUCKY you. You get to see all the cute stuff

Naomi said...

Oh my! I LOVE that last picture on the couch! That's great! Hope you're having a good week!

Anonymous said...

they are so cute! Give them all kisses from me!

Miss you Amy!


Emma and Mommy said...

They look so cute sleeping. Probably one of the only times you can get a picture without them running wild, if they are anything like my kids.

We so totally plan on going to church all the time now. I hate that it had been so long for me, and never for the kids. But all is good now! :-)