Friday, October 03, 2008

My Princess

Alysa is 2 ½ today. My little princess. She’s learned so much from Tyler that some might not guess there is 15 months between them. I think she is super smart and super beautiful. She is also a mommy’s girl. She doesn’t want dad to help her with anything. It’s almost always, “I want my mommy to do it.” Though today when I scolded her for biting Tyler I did get a “I want my Daddy.” Sometimes when she is upset with me it’s, “I want Katie”

I am not one of those moms who thinks my kids are perfect. Alysa likes to bite and can have an attitude problem. She puts on this pouty face and I should be upset because of her disobedience but sometimes I have to just look away because it makes me want to laugh.

Bedtimes used to be pretty easy. She would just go to bed easy or go to her room and play until she fell asleep. Now she uses all the stops.

“I’m hungry.” “You just had supper not too long ago.” When that doesn’t work –
“I’m thirsty” “Alysa, you just had a glass of water when you brushed your teeth”…. That doesn’t work.
“I want you to sleep with me Mommy.” That doesn’t work either.
It’s so hard to resist a cute little voice. I promise her that if she goes to her room and lies on her bed and doesn’t keep yelling for me I will come in a lay with her for a couple minutes. I know there will come the day that she will not want me in her room - much less snuggling with her bed. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Katelyn and Tyler have birthdays before the end of the year and I will use their days to shed a little light on them. Today is Alysa’s day.

I love you Princess.

you've come a long way baby girl
pillowcase from Nana Ritchie

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Naomi said...

Love the last two pictures with the same doll! That's great! Happy half birthday, Alysa!