Saturday, October 04, 2008

no such thing as monsters

How do you convince an almost 4 year old boy that there are no such things as monsters? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Tyler is becoming quite obsessed with this.


Emma and Mommy said...

I think its not so much making him believe there are NOT monsters as making him feel like he is safe. We went through that with Derek for a while, and we bought him a special spray bottle and had him spray water or febreeze around his room and told him it was "magic" and would keep the monsters away. It worked. At that age its hard to convince so you just have to play along, when he is older he will grow out of it.

The febreeze people make the designer febreeze now in those small clear bottles, that works perfectly, it has no label, it smells good and the smell is relaxing and makes them think something good is in it.

Kristen said...

We had that with the boys after they watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They were afraid of the Oompa Loompas and the Squirrels. SO Jared took one of their toy swords and pretended to Slay the monsters in the closet and under the bed.....they loved and NEVER had an issue again with it. It will make Brian a big hero in his eyes......hope this helps!!!!

Truck Driver Wife said...

Try a monster catcher (dream catcher) it worked for my little girl who was scared of ghosts in her bedroom. (too much scooby doo I think)