Monday, December 08, 2008

finally updating this

grrr the pictures posted backwards....

ok. this is for you Liz.

Where have I been. Right here, thinking.....I really need to update the blog. It started out innocent enough. I wanted to update on Katie's 1st birthday.

The day before her birthday Katie got sick so it wasn't really her best day on the 8th. That night Tyler and Alysa woke up at midnight minutes apart....throwing up. This went on about every 30 minutes for 4 hours.....both of them.....hence ,the pictures of them sleeping on the floor with plastic bowls beside them. Thankfully Katie slept through took a few days to recoup and it just became easier and easier to put off updating the blog.

anyway....Katie is now my big girl! She is quite the little jabber box. She says, "hi", "mamma."
"dadda" "duck" among other things. She is my monkey climber with NO FEAR!
This post is far from done but Brian and I have a show coming on that we like to watch together. I just wanted to at least get things started.

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Naomi said...

Great pictures. As always, your kids are incredibly adorable!!!!
Hope all is going well. I'm glad you decorated for Christmas.