Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 2009

Mommy's littlest helper.

all ready for Sunday school.

Tyler at age 4

Happy Birthday

It’s 7pm. Pj’s have been put on. Teeth have been brushed. 4 books have been read. The kiddos are in their own rooms looking at books for awhile until lights out. Except for Katie. She is going back and forth between the rooms doing whatever she wants. We have to keep an eye on that one. She is really into climbing and getting into all sorts of things. Brian found her the other day sitting…in the toilet. She also wants to be my little helper by picking up things and putting them in the trash. Clothes, TV remotes, toys, new diapers, dishes, a whole box of SOS pads. Oh, and she put her toothbrush in the fish bowl once. That leads to others stories…..but that will be for later.

Katie also likes to try to help with the dishes still. That of course means mopping the floor after. She also fights me every time I try to vacuum. She has to do it. She also likes to be an independent eater. This is fine if the menu choice is a cracker or something but no, I can’t feed her anything. This can get rather messy when it comes to yogurt and applesauce. Sometimes she ends up with more than one bath a day. She really does well for her age using a fork and spoon but she still tends to wear a lot of it. She's also been pretty generous with her hugs and kisses lately. That does wonders to a mom's weary soul!

Alysa has quite the personality. The things she comes of with sometimes just cracks me up. She has picked up shrugging her shoulders somewhere when she answers, “I don’t know.” Her favorite things to do are to blow bubbles and watch Little People. She is a Mommy's girl.

Tyler turned 4 the week after Christmas. He is pretty proud of becoming my big boy. He has also handled the transition of having to wear glasses all the time now quite well. When the pediatrician’s office said I should have them checked out because he seemed to squint during a checkup they were doing I really thought nothing of it. I was a little shocked to hear that he would need glasses.
He is learning to spell now. He can spell TYLER, ALYSA, AMY, NANA and ZOO. He can name and recognize all the letters on the keyboard. He can count to 13. He is also learning verses for Sunday school. I am so proud of him. His sisters are just as smart.

I have of course have broken all my New Years Resolutions. I still try to plug away getting more organized and now for the first time in mt life - lose some weight. Today was a day of letting go. I donated all of Tyler's baby clothes to our church for a ministry there. There were 2 large and 1 huge bin full to the brim with clothes from 0-9 months of age. The only thing that I kept was the outfit that he came home from the hospital in. It was a little hard to let go but I really don't have the place to store them and who knows if I will ever need them again. They are at least somewhere they will be used when needed.
I had already let go of the girls clothes. I held onto a few a the twins outfits and some special things for Alysa. I will let her decide what she wants to do with them when she is old enough to understand. I also kept one thing I really liked on Katie. These are big steps for me. I was also able to finally let go of all my mom's clothes that had been in storage. I hope they are a blessing to the people they were given to. (There is still more that that I am unable to get to but am ready when I can get it)

It still doesn't seem real. Brian is taking our VHS tapes and recording them on to DVD's for me. We did our wedding video last night. I didn't watch much of it but still happened to catch the part of my mom being walked down the isle. I can't really describe how that made me feel. You want to handle it fine as you know in your head that it's been almost 2 years but it makes it feel like yesterday. Now that I think about it that may have been what triggered me to have lots dreams about both my mom and dad last night. Unfortunately they were not all really pleasant dreams. I hate it that your mind can do things like that.

Well, Katie has now been banned to the Pack n Play. While I was typing the above thought I could hear here push open the bathroom door. Due to the cold the house has shifted and the door will no longer stayed closed. Anyway, I finished the sentence I was on and went to check on her. She was in there less than a minute. I found her trying to brush her teeth....with Tyler's toothbrush and climbing once again into the toilet. So I must go now and get this kiddo washed up and into dry Pjs
I had to come back to fix a few typos so I thought I would add couple things about Brian. He is still working full time in Portland, still working with the DETOUR youth group at our church and still a great dad. During his free time he really likes to read. But, he is usually so tired that reading leads to sleeping. He's happy to have a new season of the TV show "24" on and likes the show Knight Rider. We were just talking a few nights ago remembering when we were first married we did not have a TV at all for the first couple of years. (by choice) We don't have cable or anything like that now just the basic channels we can get with an antenna. There is enough on to entertain us in the evenings when we are too lazy to do anything else but also enough on there to show us just how much trash there is on TV. That is also for another time.
My life is about to take a new turn. Katie is easily climbing out of her Pack-n-Play and crib. I knew she could climb out of the pen but she would usually stay in there, even up until last night. Not today. So, this means no more showers for Mommy during the day. I used to be able to put her in her pen for a few minutes and grab a quick shower while Tyler and Alysa watched a movie. Guess those days are over. It also means that we are going to have to look at getting Alysa's regular twin bed out of storage and letting Katie have her bed (which has built in rails)
Katie is to YOUNG to be getting to be such a BIG GIRL!!!!!!!

Update to follow!

tonight while Brian is at a meeting (and after the kids go to bed) I AM GOING TO UPDATE THIS!!