Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Today Alysa once again woke up feeling good.  

Yesterday the kids got a box of homeschooling curriculum in the mail. (That will be a post in itself) This morning I took a picture to send the lady who sent it. Look at ALL the smiles.

 A friend had hoped to take her strawberry picking if it was a good day for her. I was happy that she was able to go.
She brought home some that she picked and our friend bought as a gift. So Sweet to eat and Sweet of our friend.

She did have a few good hours including getting some strawberries and then going to my friends house and playing some card games and watching bread rolls being made. (She would have helped if she could touch bread.)

By the time she came home at 2:00  she was "wilting."

 By 3:00 she had crashed completely.

Sadly, even if she had just stayed home and in bed all day I think she would have crashed the same. It's what happened all weekend.

The smile is gone. The tears have arrived.

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