Monday, July 18, 2016


Sorry for not coming back and updating. We got results while we were away and then once home I debated even keeping the blog for some privacy reasons

But, for those who are sincere in caring about our family I wanted to at least let you know where we are at.

The rheumatologist  did not seem to think it was Juvenile RA or Lupus. He did tell us she is very flexible and double jointed.  Future gymnast?

It's been a roller coaster.  The initial phone call results were that Alysa had tested positive for Lyme and another tick derived illness called Babesia. 

Then Saturday, (2 weeks later) I get a copy of the test results in the mail and it seems I was not given the right info. She doe not have Babesia but something else called Anaplamosis. 

It's seems that there is still a debate as to Lyme being a right diagnosis at all. The Dr. from the pediatricians office  will be talking with the Pediatric infectious Disease specialists at Maine Med.

She had started a treatment for now but it's just the start. This could be a very long process.

I'm just tired and it's hot. I do not do well with the humidity.  Stress and being busy are taking it's toll on my health. So, I have taken steps to slow life down. I am letting go of Scentsy and trying to limit facebook. 

I had thought that I was already done with Scentsy but it does seem that I will be doing one last order at the end of the month. I forgot to remove my CC number from my workstation and the latest Scent of the Month kits was mailed out on the 15th. I need to keep my account open to get the commission check next month. I can still take orders until the 28th. I will close the party on Friday the 29th. 

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